As the first Corporate Communications Intern at Mailchimp, I had the opportunity to develop and enhance the following: 


  • Worked with Mailchimp Present PR on upcoming opportunities for show releases & podcast creation throughout the semester. 

  • Honed in on personal journalism techniques through Senior Leadership blog copywriting, Mailchimp award submissions, #pr Slack posts, and more. 

  • Supported the customer vetting process and outreach for PR opportunities. 

  • Researched and submitted Mailchimp for awards and recognition. 

  • Supported Mailchimp's Speaker Network by vetting speaker opportunities. 

  • Maintained a database of talks and speakers through media monitoring and reporting. 

  • Assisted with various media and PR opportunities (researching and reading, pitching media, preparing media, background materials, PR launches). 

  • Organized and managed content and resources needed by the Communications team. 

Black History Month Tentpole

Fostered the idea to create a D, E, and I Black History Month social media opportunity for Mailchimp -- helped with project management, ideation, and creation.

Goals of Tentpole:  

  • To increase minority recruitment within the company. 

  • Create a more inclusive environment for current Mailchimp employees. 

  • Celebrate Black leaders and public figures 

This particular presentation showcases every role that I had the opportunity to play throughout my semester at the company. From event planning to gathering resources, the Corporate Communications team ensured that I played a major part in every project and idea that they were involved in. 

Event Planning

Participated in Mailchimp event planning and marketing for Essence Festival, SxSW, AfroTech, Grace Hopper, & more.