• Kyia Young

Who am I & What's my purpose?

Hey guys!

I finally have the chance of introducing myself to those who don't know me! My name is Kyia Young, a graduating senior at UL Lafayette; majoring in Public Relations with a minor in Promotional Management. I've been procrastinating on creating a blog because of personal fears and just trying to find my niche in the "blogger world." It all started with my best friend, Quiara (@quionce), who has tried countless times to motivate me on using a blog as my own fashion platform. Considering that I was once a nursing major, I never found the time to dedicate myself to something so big like a blog. Instead, I just re-created my Instagram that featured the majority of my "looks" and rolled with it. Then, something clicked. Spring 2017 was a breakthrough for me because I finally discovered where I fit in--I enjoyed my new major, started finding out who I truly was, and opportunities began flourishing EVERYWHERE. I just knew I was on to something.

Not only do I want to showcase this blog or portfolio as being a fashion outlet, but I would like to show the world my talents and abilities when it comes to my writing. I've spent almost 2 years in the professional writing sector, and each time I get the opportunity to research something new. I'm interested in learning things that relate to pop culture, news (sometimes), & of course, black culture! Black culture molded me into not only the person that I am today, but gave me a stepping stone onto bigger and better things. It's my specialty, but I also believe that I have a long way to go.

Some hopes that I have:

- That you all enjoy my content

- Forgive me for any grammatical errors or mistakes (just because I write for a living doesn't mean I'm perfect)

- Provide feedback on things you would like me to write about

- Continue to support me as I would do to y'all! Believe in this #blackgirlmagic!

Still fearful?

Nah, I think this journey will be worthwhile. It'll take some time to get used to, but it'll be worth it in the end.

So, come with me on this journey of rediscovery & explore the different opportunities that the world offers! I appreciate all of the support & I'll talk to you soon!

Stay dope,


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