• Kyia Young


"Almost everyone will make a good first impression,

but only a few will make a good LASTING impression."

- Sonya Parker

Like promised, the first impressions video on New York Fashion Week 2017 is posted below.

This video is posted on both my website & YouTube channel (Kyia Young) depending on your convenience, however, don't forget to subscribe to both!

This video does happen to be 15 minutes long (YIKES!), so get some popcorn, soak in the bathtub, or watch me on the YouTube Firestick in the bed.

I do appreciate everyone's support. Of course, I do have a long way to go, but with the consistent motivation & help, I'll reach my goal quicker than I thought!

I'm taking any advice, comments, & video input on this video or any other ones I post. Your opinion is most important within the blog aspect, because you're my audience.

Enjoy & I'll talk to y'all Monday for my New York Fashion Week 2017 Final Impressions blog post! No video this go 'round, lol.

Stay dope,


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