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Post-Graduation Thoughts: My Truth

This is very informal, but I'm going to start using my blog as a non-private journal. Free-thinking...and maybe everything I write would seem a little bit more relatable. My blog posts will not be shared by me on social media anymore, because it just won't. If you would like to, feel free. This is just a personal decision of mine...no real explanation behind it.

My jumbled-up, unorganized, post-graduate truth

I recently graduated from UL and decided the most important thing to do is to blog about my experiences post-graduation--my triumphs, hardships, etc. so that fellow graduates and young adults have someone to relate to. I tried doing cookie-cutter blogging before with pictures that don't even represent who I am as a person and that failed miserably. Taking out refund checks just for impromptu photoshoots wasn't the best idea..even if it felt that way at the time. There's a few things I've been holding back on as a 20-something year old, almost grad student that should've been said already. However, I was afraid to in risk of hurting other people's feelings, but not taking my own into consideration.

As a post-graduate, you're definitely stuck as a rock in a hard place (don't even know if I'm saying this right). Deciding on what moves you should make next (even when you thought you had everything figured out) is probably one of the more realistic things every post-grad goes through. People in college will try to relate to your post-grad experience, knowing that they won't understand until they graduate...because they're still in college. Friends will start to antagonize you on what moves you should make next, instead of worrying about what they should do (more frustrating) and using the excuse "we're doing this because we care" then multiple explicits come into your mind that shouldn't be said out loud. I used May as a self-care month--sleeping all day, trying to be by myself as much as possible, and going on a random beach trip with one of my friends because I really needed it. I've also come to the realization that no one will ever feel what you're feeling because they're not you. After two weeks of me graduating, one of my friends tells me "You've had a long enough break, it's time for you to start blogging, etc." First, no one can determine when YOU'RE ready to do something. After going through an entire curriculum in 1 year with no breaks and constantly being in books, most people would easily turn to alcohol b/c Lord knows I needed it. But no, I resorted to sleeping and trying not to be awoken by my friends going in and out my apartment. If you can't tell...I'm a anti-social homebody. This is just a taste of what I've been through in less than two weeks: anti-socialism, a rush to find an ATL apartment to live in, and the curiosity of what I should do next with my life. And on that note....

Post Graduation Series

I want to do a Post Graduation Series. This will last from now until I move to ATL. This next chapter will be peaceful, anti-undergrad, and full of meeting new people but not forgetting about the old ones.

This series will take my subscribers and anyone else interested into my reality of what it feels like to be a post-undergraduate student. It'll be hard to write all of my emotions and thoughts into multiple blog posts, but it's worth a shot.

As for YouTube, I'll start it again whenever I'm ready. Again, these are my personal decisions so I don't want to be bombarded with this question anymore. I'm taking baby steps and keeping in mind of my mental health while doing so. I appreciate the support.


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