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Social Media's Curse | Dispel the Hypocrisy

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

I've been waiting to comment on Ahmaud Arbery's murder. Let alone I'd rather leave those comments to myself regarding things that flood the black community's social media TLs for a short period of time.

Re-read what I just wrote. "flood the black community's social media TLs FOR A SHORT PERIOD OF TIME." We're not a passionate community. I'm disappointed. We share it because it's popular and trending. Not because we take it seriously. Not because you're sorry. Not because you want to fix the problem. You feel bad because you're a part of the problem.

What do you mean, Kyia?! How are we a part of the problem?? We've been faced with microaggressions, lynching, cultural appropriation, and all around disrespect for centuries & WE'RE apart of the problem.


Nowadays, as a society, we rely on "news" outlets like The Shaderoom to inform us on what's going on beyond the walls of our homes. In turn, serves as a distraction from real life. We're often bogged down with reality star drama, funny things that happen in our community, and sometimes even TOTAL hypocrisy from celebrities like TI, Snoop Dogg, Diddy, and other major stars that think they can speak on behalf of all of us.

Don't post Ahmaud Arbery because you feel like you owe it to our community or his family. Post because you're willing to make a change within our community and beyond with your ACTIONS, not your Instagram stories that disappear 24 hrs. later, followed by a boomerang or Tik Tok of your favorite celeb. Turn this into a lifestyle, make it known--I understand that not everyone is meant for activism, but all it takes is one march to make a difference.

MLK didn't rely on social media to spread his message. He risked his life everyday to do things to better the community and the world as a whole; which eventually took his life. Social media is temporary, but the things that remain post-social media, and continue to spread, AND is consistent amongst communities beyond our own is the greatest change that our community can make.

Be consistent. Be daring. Be intentional.

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