• Kyia Young

Gentrification of African American communities cause for concern

April 7, 2017

Donald Trump, known for his ignorant and mostly false rhetoric that was presented throughout his political campaign for president, is now taking steps to not only extend the continuation of oppressing blacks in America, but allowing the few blacks who supported him during this political campaign, such as Ben Carson and even actress and political consultant, Omarosa Manigault, make the final decisions on what is best for the black community.

African Americans felt defeated when Donald Trump was named the U.S.’ 45th president, considering his Twitter rants and overall negative demeanor is now officially setting the tone of what his time in office might be like. According to The Undefeated, after Trump’s victory, many blacks “steeled themselves for life under a president who has retweeted white supremacists, promised to increase stop-and-frisk policing in poor black neighborhoods, falsely connected Mexican immigrants to crime, and launched his political brand by attacking the legitimacy of the first black president’s birth certificate.”

The time for this country’s progress was officially set back 60 years, but what are some of the impacts that Trump will have on the black community during his presidency? Ben Carson, former surgeon and the pick for Trump’s secretary of Housing and Urban Development, has tried to find ways to gentrify areas so the separation of blacks could eliminate crime sprees and would produce more opportunities for growth within urban areas. However, Carson has no experience in this field, even though he’s tried to relate his own experiences growing up having limited opportunities of education and social experience to many blacks who are currently being raised in these underdeveloped parts of cities. Gentrification is still one of the many problems facing blacks.

Trump’s budget plan is one of the biggest problems that will negatively affect the black community. Most of the budget cuts are affecting African American and low-income government help. According to “Ebony,” college grants, heating and power bill assistance, community development, delivery of meals to homebound seniors and legal aid for the poor are just some of the many programs being cut in order for Trump to move forward with his plans on boosting the economy by increasing job growth and providing tax breaks for the wealthy. Social Security will remain untouched, but the continued funding for the program is still un-promised for many seniors.

“New Deal for Black America” still cripples a lot of the programs such as TRIO, grants for school programs, and LIHEAP, which cater to at-risk youth blacks. Even HBCUs had to meet with the president to sign an executive order that these colleges will be under White House supervision, even though the original reason for this meetup was to discuss the lack of financial stability of these colleges and universities. However, there will still be a 14% cut from the Department of Education, eliminating $9.2 billion in college funding.

Listed above are just some of the many things that will negatively affect blacks during Trump’s time in office. As current citizens, the only thing we could do is to continue to use our voices to fight against things that don’t benefit the black community or us personally. These cuts will destroy the opportunities for future black generations to come.

For more information on what Trump’s plan is for African Americans, please visit Ebony News for insight on the opportunities being cut from the black community and what you could do to fix the current issues.  


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